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What We Do and What We Offer


We perform Acupuncture to treat a wide range of conditions.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page if you want to learn more about Acupuncture and what it can do for you.


We offer three types of Acupuncture sessions at Healthspring Holistic Center:

  • Eighty minute initial visit ($125): The first time we work with a patient we need to spend about 20 minutes getting to know the patient and the patient's specific concerns and conditions. We then perform a full sixty minute treatment. Patients are encouraged to bring or wear loose fitting clothing.
  • Sixty minute treatment ($90): This is the standard length for follow-up treatments.  It is the best match for treating specific complaints and allows time for a treatment and discussion regarding lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.  It usually includes needle placement on the limbs, abdomen and back.  Patients are encouraged to bring or wear loose fitting clothing.
  • Thirty minute follow-up treatment ($50): This is the best match for someone who needs frequent visits, such as smoking cessation, or for someone who does not have the time or financial resources for a sixty minute visit.  Needle placement may include abdomen or back and patients are encouraged to bring or wear loose fitting clothing.

Multi-visit packages are available.  For details, please call the office at (404) 486-9644.

Each patient is asked to fill out the medical history form and a consent to treat form before the first visit.  These are available on our forms page. These forms allow us to have a better understanding of the patient's medical past and be aware of any sensitive issues (surgeries, pacemakers, current pregnancies, etc).